Defending those accused in the nation's capital.
A Little About What The Law Office of Bryan W. Brown Does
Bryan W. Brown just returned from a conference in Las Vegas, NV, where he spent three
days with the nation's top drunk driving defense lawyers sharing ideas on defense strategies
and learning new approaches to impaired driving defense.

The office would also like to welcome Susan Coles to the team.  She will provide office
management and paralegal services.  If you need a quick update on your case, please call her
a call at (202) 787-1862.  
The firm's mission is to provide clients with high quality representation in their criminal
traffic matters.  Too often, the significance of traffic matters are overlooked, and
misinformed individuals sell their cases short.  Mr. Brown will help you explore all your
options, vigorously fight for your rights, and counsel you through the various stages of
your case.  For the last 10 years, he has been fighting for client's rights in the Traffic Branch
of D.C. Superior Court.  
The firm offers representation to clients charged with criminal offenses in D.C. Superior
Court, and offers representation on traffic offenses litigated at the D.C. Department of
Motor Vehicles.  Mr. Brown works hard to obtain clients the best results possible.  
Beginning with a free initial consultation, you will see the value of the services offered.  You
deserve to have your matter handled by an experienced attorney who is familiar with the
practices and procedures of the local court.
Mr. Brown is currently the lead counsel in a consolidated hearing that will determine
the admissibility of LIDAR results in criminal speed cases in the District of
Columbia.  For years, prosecutors have been using the results of LIDAR to convict
defendants despite the fact that there was no legislative or judicial approval for the use
of the technology.  Because of Mr. Brown's efforts, the government is finally being
required to demonstrate that the technology is reliable, accepted within the scientific
community, and forensically valid.

November 1, 2 & 3, 2007, Mr. Brown served as a defense representative in the
Fugitive Safe Surrender Program.  He assisted individuals with outstanding warrants as
they surrendered themselves to the U.S. Marshall Service.  He counseled over 200
people and in nearly 90% of these cases was able to negotiate dismissals and non-
criminal dispositions.  No one he assisted was detained or taken into custody.

In April 2007, The D.C. Misdemeanor and Traffic Community Court Policies and
Procedures Work Group finally published its Program Manual of Policies and
Procedures for the D.C. Superior Court's D.C. Misdemeanor and Traffic Community
Court.  Mr. Brown was the sole defense representative on this Court committee,
which was charged with preparing a document that explained how the criminal traffic
court operates in Washington, DC.  Click here to see a copy of the manual.
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